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Here are some examples of community aquariums kept by some of the readers. Please understand that these are examples of what some of the readers are keeping and by no means represent ideal or optimum stocking levels. Some go against all principals of good aquarium management. Badman's does not agree or disagree with them and posts them here for informational purposes only, I will however give my opinion on the stocking levels. Do not use them as a template for your aquarium and do not take the green check as an endorsement of your set up. It simply means for the time being your aquarium is not overstocked, further research is needed on your part to check on specific requirements for your fish to allow them proper conditions to thrive. I STRONGLY suggest that if you have any questions you read the information from the main site or visit the sites message forum. Use them to get a better idea on how to set yours up and what to keep in them. Remember all fish should be researched before purchasing. Please use this FORM to submit your tank.




If you do not see your aquarium listed here within a week or so of submitting it is probably because the the form was not filled out as requested. I cut and paste the results so if you use all caps or add different punctuation marks it forces me to write them by hand and I have found it takes up too much of my time. Please try again and I will gladly add your aquarium here.


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Badman's opinion on stocking levels
Stop, think about what your doing. Overstocked now and / or not stocking for the adult size of the fish. Check potential fish size and temperament
Stop, think about what your doing. Research your fish habbits and needs. Poorly stocked incompatible species, dangerous mix of agressive / non agressive fish, schooling fish not maintained in proper schools. Fish has specific water requirements.
Could be trouble ahead Caution, will be overstocked with potential fish growth and / or bad combination of species
Stocking level OK research still needed on individual requirements OK stocking level only, each inhabitant should be researched. This does not take into account behavioral traits such as schooling, swimming level and special dietary needs.
need more info Not enough specific fish information
These are my general thoughts, each aquarium will differ slightly based on your maintenance schedule and equipment. While the icons are based primarily on stocking levels it must be noted that certain species, primarily tetras are schooling fish and need to be in groups of six or more. While single specimens may not alter your tank capacity they will put the fish under stress and not let it live up to its potential.

TheStop, think about what your doing.Stop, think about what your doing. Research your fish habbits and needs.Could be trouble ahead icons usually indicate that one or more of the fish are either too large or soon will outgrow the tank. While many of the fish will survive in smaller tanks they will not flourish and when kept in cramped conditions are more prone to disease. It may be time to upgrade to a larger tank or remove the fish. Please do not take it as an insult or criticism , we are just trying to promote a healthy environment for our pets. As always research your purchase before buying it for you setup.

Fish name Potential size min tank Fish name Potential size min tank
Common pleco 20" (50cm) 6' for adult Oscar 13"+ (30cm+) 6' for adult
Black ghost knife 20" (50cm) 6' for adult Clown loach 18" (50cm) 6' for adult
Clown knife 40" (100cm) 6' for adult Arowana 48" (120 cm) 6' for adult
Bala shark 16" (40cm) 6' for adults Jack dempsey 10" (25cm) 4' for adult
Goldfish 23" (59cm) 6' for adults Pacu 36" (92cm) 6' for adult






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