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Junior Member
Username: umaxman

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Registered: 05-2005

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - 02:03 pm:       

I finally got a little bigger tank and I am setting it up and getting it ready for the fish and water :-)
I have the new filter for the bigger tank running in my twenty gallon for about 4 weeks, I will transfer it to the new tank when I am ready for it...will It still go through a mini cycle or will it be a full cycle? and should I use the water from my twenty to add to the new tank to? or just go with new water?
It is going to be a rough transfer because I have to put the new tank where the 20 is now, so any advice would be a big help as just how to go about this.
Hello my name is Steve and I am an addict
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John D
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Username: john_d

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Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2006 - 02:23 pm:       

Hi Steve! I pretty much just did what you're planning. I had my 29 gallon in my living room, but I moved it into my bedroom and put the new 60 gallon in its place. The way I went about it was I drained a good portion of the water out of the 29, I'm talking about 75%. Then, I got these little plastic slider things (they sell them for moving heavy furniture, etc) and put them under the legs of the stand that the tank is on and very slowly and carefully slid the whole thing into my room. I do have wood floors in my apartment though, so that made this very easy to do. Not sure how easy it would be on carpet, for example.

As for the filter, whether or not you'll get a mini cycle depends on how many fish you put in the tank initially. If you put only a few fish in there initially, it's entirely possible to have an instant cycle (assuming your seeding went successfully, which it should). I ended up putting in too many at first so I had a mini-cycle. But it was minor, the ammonia and nitrite only peaked at 0.25 ppm, much lower than they would had I not seeded the filter, and it took a week and a half for everything to come back down to zero.

Also, once you get the new tank up and running and put fish in it, wait at least a day after you've put the fish in before you move the filter over. Ammonia takes some time to build up in the tank, so by giving it a day or 2 (I did 2 days) the bacteria in the seeded filter won't starve and die.

As for water, just use new water. There's very little benefit to using old tank water, and it can actually be harmful, as it contains DOCS. Freshwater fish love fresh water, so just go with that.

Hope this all helps! Good luck.
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