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Uh-oh....Algae! Help! Brad
Shipping plants Jenni
Acorus???? sully
Killing Plants Help compensate 15 
African Cichlids + live plants Gopi
What about bioload? Erin
Help a dummy, not just any dummy--this dummy Shari
Plant Idiot colleen
Native moss id Kelsey
Is this a good deal? compensate 12 
Creek plants cindy
About that "giant bleheri" sully
Megan sully 13 
Define heavy planted tank flyingfish
Which light to buy?? flyingfish
Erin Erin
Filter and reactor question flyingfish
FlyingFish's New Planted Tank Plans flyingfish 34 
Jungle Val cindy
Planting rocks/drift wood Brian Keegan
Banana plant Brad
My BGA Article Erin
Anyone with experience with flourish excel? Brian Keegan 44 
Possible Plant ID? Kelsey
The Joy (??) of Pennywort Shari
Want to *maybe* try live plants compensate
Which better for algae - BN pleco, SAE, otto? cindy 12 
"Leaved" bunched plants Matt 11 
EI Discussion Topic Brad 18 
Plants online? compensate 26 
Shipping Brad
Co2 Problems Jeff
Roflmao--thanks brad cindy
Water Sprite Brian Keegan 10 
Brown algae everywhere... Amy 34 
BGA why won't you die? Kelsey
Have Potted Plants Brian Keegan
Substrates Are Confusing! Matt 19 
1 tank, 4 types of algae bunny
Algae Brad
Help taming green algae bloom? Randy
Thanks Erin sully
Low fertile substrates Joe
Hey you crazy canadian Brad 20 
Mold? Steve-O
Hair Algae?d Jeff Lefkowitz
My first attempt at Submerged Riccia Hannah Johnson 15 
No water gel packed plants Vicki 17 
Websites? flyingfish 10 
Plant newbie needs advice Erin
Help required please Kenny
Wooohooo sully
Amazon sword plant and apple snails Mike L
Thinking out loud sully
New eclipse 5 gallon hex....plants? joseph arthur
BG algae on ambulia Matt
Flourish Excel cindy 11 
Short plants? Night Eyes
What's the best solution for lighting a 10 gal. planted? Steve Wilson
Furtilizer in the substrate Steve Wilson
Probably a stupid question but... flyingfish
Advice on plants please Brian Keegan
Bamboo rob
CO2 and water turbulence Brad
Archives Brad 4367 

Badman's Tropical Fish - Archives * Live Plants  

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