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Hannah Johnson
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Username: bambi

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Posted on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 04:29 pm:       

Hi everyone.

I recently upgraded my lighting in my 10gallon planted tank, from a 15watt fluorescent bulb to a 36watt T5 power compact TriPlus.
The tank has a few guppy fry in it, and a few brigs and cherry shrimp. No massive bio-load. The plants are: Riccia (tied onto the bogwood), java fern, java moss, and red foxtail.
The riccia had been growing slowly with the 15w, and rarely if ever producing oxygen pearls. Within a couple of days of upgrading the lighting, it was growing like the clappers and oxygen pearls actually float to the top of the tank.
I did expect to have to do some extra scrubbing of the glass with the new bulb, as i know more light=more algae.
But I didn't expect this... green, thin threads of algae, smothering the riccia. As quickly as i pull it off, it's back again. The java moss is now a bright green blob of algae, and the foxtail is covered in short, green fuzzy algae. So umm... what on earth do I do? I don't really understand the basics of what causes algae, other than possibly high nitrates and lots of light?
(I'll take some numerical readings tonight).
Here are some beautiful tank looks like a nightmare :-(
A couple with flash in case it's clearer:

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Username: brad

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Posted on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 09:30 pm:       

Back to dial up so I didn't look at the pics. I'll leave that for someone else. I'll just say that lack of nutrients causes algae, and higher light creates a higher demand for those nutrients.

Trim, prune, and fertilize. At first, it'll look like all the fertilising is helping is the algae. Keep at it and you'll see the plants will come around and the algae will give up.

Plant heavily at first, even if you plan to remove them later or better yet, get some floating plants to reduce the amount of light, and as you get more comfortable, and as the algae gets under control, you can gradually remove them.
Ever feel like you`re flying and drowning at the same time?
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