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Rocks Russell
Inline & undergravel heaters russ
*Moved* Diatom filters and more... JP
In-tank filter vs. bio-weel filter russ
KH tests Brad 12 
Landscaping Gravel Is Cheap!! compensate 23 
DIY shelves inside tank? Crystalview 18 
Penguin or Emperor? compensate 17 
UV do you run it all the time? flyingfish
Where to order bulk supplies flyingfish
R/o units flyingfish 33 
Filter Media Question flyingfish
Where Is Big Al's Warehouse Located? Russell 11 
Doesn't seem right... larry 14 
Tank linking? anyone do this Russell 13 
Clay pots ? Steve
Return Tube flyingfish
Faucet Water Filter Opinion? Randy 15 
Lighter Garrett
Big Al's Stingray Aquarium Stand Anthony
Lighting Brad
All-Glass Brand Aquariums cindy
Test Tube Racks! flyingfish
Lighting Recommendations? compensate 34 
Magnum won't prime Shari
Looking for a New Heater Kristin
Filters Dahly
BiOrb or BiUbe ? Jeri
Bioforever supercartridge Lionel Pichon
Backgrounds colleen
Weight for sword plant Mike L
Best Aquarium Kits? compensate 16 
Aquarium Systems Brand? compensate
Nighteyes good DIY CO2-directions? bunny
How high should the intake be? larry
UDiatom filters larry
Why isn't there? cindy
Cleaning juwel! cindy
Brine Shrimp Hatchery flyingfish
Anyone ever use an Ionization system? flyingfish
Python Claire Marie Lowe 33 
Hacked HOB BioFilter flyingfish 11 
Co2 regulators JBJ vs Milwaukee instruments flyingfish
Filter 55 gallon Vicki
My fishroom is almost ready G 33 
For anyone that could be interested in making your own filter!!! cindy 12 
Television aquariums Chris J.
DIY Stand for 135 gallon fish tank william kennedy 12 
Lighting, Bulbs, and T-Factor russ
Extreme Filter Ideas DIY flyingfish
Can i use... in my aquarium Russell
DIY Tap Water Filter flyingfish
Battery Backup Systems - How Necessary/Helpfull flyingfish
250$ for tank,stand, canopy Steve 13 
Silence rob
Silicon rob
What could filter a 90g flyingfish
Halogen lights? Brad
130 gallon Tank Plans G 41 
Filter to powerfull Josh
DIY CO2 not working Kenny 10 
Which works better-Bio-stars or Bio-balls? bunny
O My Gosh!!! phil demkowski
Penguin Issues Jenni
75 gallon tank filter suggestions cindy
Salt equipment Voyager AL
Poste your reviews russ
Test kits Brad
Gule or silicon that is safe for your tank? G
Heating a 60 gallon tank John D 14 
Filter noise Mike DiFilippo
Archives Mike DiFilippo 768 

Badman's Tropical Fish - Archives * Equipment & DIY  

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