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Jeff L
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Username: jeffedl

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Registered: 01-2005
Posted on Friday, March 31, 2006 - 11:34 pm:       

I saw this on another board and thought others might be interested. I live about 20 minutes from here so I'll be going (might be the excuse to upgrade to a 48" tank); if anyone else is going let me know!
Hi, folks. Here's the latest update for the April 28-30 Convention of
the American Livebearer Association at the East Hanover, NJ Ramada
Conference Center. This has become the most talk-about aquarium event
in 2006, and the Program is included in the April issue of Tropical
Fish Hobbyist Magazine. The Convention is open to the public and all
are welcome!

Friday-April 28
8:00 am: NYC & NY Aquarium Tour boarding
4:30 pm: NYC & NY Aquarium Tour returns
6:00 pm: Convention-Show Registration opens. Vendor/Show Exposition
Room opens
8:00-9:00 pm: Ted Coletti (NJ): "Planted Aquariums & Water Gardens
for Livebearers"
9:30-10:30 pm: Jim Langhammer (MI): "What is a Livebearer" (you'd be
10:00 pm: Registration & Vendor/Show Exposition Rooms close.
Hospitality Room opens

Saturday-April 29
9:00 am: Convention-Show Registration opens. Vendor/Show Exposition
Room opens
9:00-10:00 am: Rich Serva (OH): "Xiphophorus: The Sword Carrier's
10:30-11:30 pm: Kees de Jong (Netherlands): "Collecting Livebearers"
Lunch Break: Closed ALA Board Meeting
1:30-2:30 pm: Bob Larsen (NJ): "Guppies Then & Now"
2:30 pm: Convention-Show Registration closes
3:00 pm: Judging—Show Area roped off
3:00-4:00 pm: Dr. Bruce Turner (VA): "Livebearers as Exciting Systems
for Evolutionary Analysis"
4:00 pm: Closed ALA Board Meeting
6:00 pm: Hospitality Room Opens. Vendor/Show Exposition Room closes
7:00 pm: Banquet in the Wardley's Banquet Hall
8:00 pm: ALA Awards Presentation
9:00 pm: Wardley's Banquet Speaker – Lee Finley (RI): "Where are all
the Livebearers?"
After Banquet: Hospitality Room opens

Sunday April 30
9:00 am: Vendor/Show Exposition Room opens
10:00 am: Auction Registration and viewing of fish begins
12:00 pm: Super Auction Begins. (Seller/ALA split = 70/30 for ALA

Our speaker programs are sponsored by Wardley's and take place in the
Wardley's Lecture Hall

up 2 fish shows (IFGA guppy and ALA livebearer) featuring 100 shows
classes and 700+ fish. Enter a fish – you'd be surprised how often a
first timer takes home a plaque! With record attendance, this also
means more hobbyists than ever selling fish out of their rooms, and
bringing fish to the Sunday auction. Come to our auction if you can't
make the whole weekend.

§ RARE FISH are being brought for the auction by the ALA
§ CZECH-BRED LIVEBEARERS with collection data are trying to be
imported by Adam's Pet Safari ( and will be
for sale in the Vendor Area
you are entering the ALA show, try to bring your own mini tank. If
you need one, make sure to indicate that on the registration form and
we will provide one. The IFGA show will supply bowls for all entries.
friends at the North Jersey Aquarium Society. Check them out at and don't miss one of the most unique and largest
auctions in the country May 7th in the Meadowlands, NJ.
§ ROOM SALES: Anyone wishing to sell livestock or dry goods
from their room must register with the ALA. Doing so entitles you to
advertise your wares on our Large Bulletin Board, as well as on your
hotel room door. The fee for this privilege is only $5, and the
proceeds are donated directly to the Vern Parish Fund. We also hope
you join in a Convention tradition and provide some of your leftover
livestock and wares for our Sunday auction.

AND FOR YOUR FAMILY…Right on site or across the street is a multi-
plex theatre, bowling, Target, and Chuck-E-Cheeze. A few blocks away
is Funplex indoor amusement park ( and Anchor
Golfland. A few miles away is the exclusive Short Hills Mall, and
Florham Park roller skating rink. The Morris Museum and Arboretum are
minutes away, and American Revolution historic sites abound. Liberty
State park with ferries to the Statue and Ellis Island is 29 miles

UPDATE: The Ramada will be offering free continental breakfast to
attendees, and they have started an in-room Spa / Massage Service.
Book your rooms by April 21st and make sure you ask for the special
$89 "American Livebearer Rate" (973-386-5622).

GIANT VENDOR-SHOW EXPO ROOM…in our 85' x 40' Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Magazine Exposition Hall. We are spotlighting a mix of local and
national businesses including: Hikari, Adam's Pet Safari (fish and
plants), Jhemco Fishroom Supply House, The Fish Factory (books),
Finley Aquatic Books, T.F.H. Publications, Eastern Aquatics
Blackworms, Kingfish Services featuring products from Tetra, All-
Glass Aquarium, Aquarium Flake, Aquarium Technologies, Aquarium
Pharmaceuticals, Discus Hans, Python, San Francisco Bay Brands,
Diskus Brief & Cichlid News! WOW!

display at the Convention. Stop by and find out more about the
hottest fish in the hobby!
with some live specimens. Learn the controversy of Gambusia
introductions and hybridizations, as well as acclimations to winter
temperatures, here in New Jersey over the past century.
§ "FRESHWATER FISHES OF MEXICO"…the long-awaited book from
Robert Rush Miller is being offered at a special price to Convention
attendees only while supplies last from The Fish Factory. Only $60.00
($10 from that amount will be donated to the Vern Parish Fund). Limit
1 per registrant. Contact Mike Schadle at to
reserve your copy.
§ NEED BLACKWORMS? Pre-order yours from our vendor, Eastern
Aquatics, by April 19th and get special Convention pricing: 1/4 lb @
$6, 1/2lb @ $11 , 3/4lb @ $16 , 1lb @ $20 , 2lbs @ $19ea , 3 lbs @
$18ea , 4 lbs @ $17ea, 5 lbs @ $16ea, 6 lbs @ $15ea. Email: or leave a message at 717-898-7224 .

Hikari, these nice blue cloth bags feature painted fish and samples
of various foods and water conditioners, show program, and a
complimentary copy of the April TFH!
I finally realized having my full name on my profile was not not only unsafe in the technical world, it was also seriously nerdy.
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Ancient Member
Username: rasaqua

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Registered: 01-2003

Posted on Saturday, April 01, 2006 - 08:43 pm:       

Sounds pretty good. Wish I could make it this year.
"For every difficult question, there is an answer that is clear and simple and wrong."
(George Bernard Shaw)
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Advanced Member
Username: kimrin

Post Number: 2305
Registered: 01-2004

Posted on Saturday, April 01, 2006 - 08:53 pm:       

Sure does! Lucky you Jeff to have it so close. :-)

I'm not into livebearers right now but I bet I would be after attending that,lol!
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Regular Member
Username: flyingfish

Post Number: 456
Registered: 01-2006
Posted on Sunday, April 02, 2006 - 12:40 am:       

I just jumped into livebearers....well not yet but I will be caring for some endlers soon. Maybe next time......or maybe I am speaking too soon....if I get addicted to these little guys I may be joining you!
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