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Fred Carullo
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Username: fcarullo

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Registered: 12-2004
Posted on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 02:54 am:       

I have 3 tanks set up here and all are livebearers only. Two of my tanks have guppies and the guppies always have fry in the tank and they do just fine I might add. I've been having trouble with the other species though as far as breeding. I've got black, pineapple, marigold, and marigold wag swordtails, blue coral, and platy varietus platies and I can't get them to breed. I keep the temperature at about 80 the PH is close to neutral, and I do water changes about once a week: 5 gallons to which I add stress coat, amquel, and a tablespoon of sea salt. The water here in NY is pretty soft but other than that I wonder if changing that or any of the other paramaters may induce spawning. You guys always being so helpful I wondered if you'd care to give me any tips. Thanks a bunch
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Ancient Plus
Username: cindy

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Posted on Monday, April 10, 2006 - 07:02 am:       

IME - Guppies and mollies have larger fry and are less inclined to eat them. They hover near the surface and get plenty of food and grow quickly to a size that they can't be eaten, even if your adults are so inclined.

Swordtail fry are much smaller, and hide near the bottom, even in the substrate. The adults are voracious feeders, many members here have seen them turn and eat them as fast as they release them, if they make the mistake of using breeding traps with them, which "trap" the fry and make them easy prey for the mother. If you put lots of dense plants on the bottom of the tank (which means quit adding salt, the swords don't need it and it will kill the plants) you will see a higher survival rate. They grow slowly, partly due to genetics, partly due to the fact that they are at a disadvantage down there at feeding time. I add the powdered Fry Bites after the parents have had their fill of flakes and stir it in to make sure it settles as quickly as possible, and the fry will feed on infusoria on the love plants between meals, so make sure the plants are live, not plastic.

The last point is that while you may believe yours are not releasing fry yet, they may just be in hiding. They are very good at it, if cover is provided, or they get eaten quickly. I also thought mine never released until I paid more attention to the getting fatter/suddenly thinner pattern. I once got irritated with a female that got skinny overnight in a 29 gallon "maternity" tank, and there were no fry in the tank that morning, so I removed all the adult swords to a community tank before work the next morning, intent on restocking the 29 with more cooperative fish after work. When I got home, I saw this:

maternity tank

...there were over 70 fry swimming at all levels of the tank, presumably because the removal of the adults made them feel free to do so!

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Badman's Tropical Fish - Archives * General Message Area * RiAnyone have breeding tips (swordtails/platies)?       

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