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What kind of cichlid? Nicole Sams
I got new Apistos Brad
Can Any Identify this fish Elizabeth
Picking up my multies tomorrow! Lisa Blair
How can i tell if my Green Terrors are dwafts? Elizabeth
What now? dan
Discus Arrived Today!!! flyingfish 33 
"napping" tiger oscar flyingfish 47 
Apistos are here!!!! flyingfish 35 
Albino Cichlid cindy
Cichlid Id, great shots Jason Dawson
LFS mystery mbuna Jason Dawson
Can someone ID this mbuna? Jason Dawson
Sexing Discus? cindy 11 
Confused about male cons new attitude... Lynliss Almasy
Ram's Vicki 10 
Cichlid aggression species specific? sully
Mixing shell dwellers Kim
Convicts have bred larry
Multi Spawn Dahly
Shell dwellers/brevis Lisa Blair 10 
Brand new Frontosa-- 7 stripe... larry 13 
Discus Update - 2 Months flyingfish 20 
Green Terror Babies having babies Elizabeth Buteau
Eye eaters jamie
Should I get my Blue Ram a buddy? flyingfish
Babies! larry
Genes flyingfish
Anyone know much about this fish? rob
Angelfish Breeding in Community Kevin M Giel
90 gallon tank Dahly 19 
Discus Dominance Behavior Randy
African cichlids and American? flyingfish
Creative re-arranging in a 29g with a female con... rob
LFS mystery mbuna #2 dan 11 
New world tank flyingfish 18 
Live Worms Dan
Which algae eaters Donna Askew
Elizabeth's (mostly) cichlid pics Hannah Johnson 10 
How often do I have to look for convict eggs? Lynliss Almasy
Blue dempsey cindy 31 
New tank, new fish Mike DiFilippo 11 
Convict mom's in the dog house Russell
Breeders' opinions needed (Cindy?) debbs
Eartheaters! Rock Gobblers! sully
New Tank Need Help Dr.Worm
Red devil bite mark larry
4 months later.....shellies!! Kim 10 
Cichlids with mates or no? Shari 11 
Lets play arrange the fish larry
Curious...can you stunt a convict? Lynliss Almasy
I am totally confused Michael Bryant
Breeding kribs cindy
Georgette's blue eye cichlids thread. cindy 17 
Apistogramma problems flyingfish 23 
Struggling with popeye on a convict dan
Breeding Angelfish Kristin
Archives Vicki 2126 

Badman's Tropical Fish - Archives * Cichlid Corner  

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