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    I will list here all aquatic personal / professional home pages that I have found to be helpful, pleasing and informative. Each link will have a brief description of the page and any comments I have about it. Each link will be put in a category that best describes its content, some may be in more than one. Please visit them as everyone works hard on their page and are proud of their accomplishments. Please Use This Form if you would like to be added to this list. I try to stay ahead of the broken links and if you find one please use this bad link form to let me know. Thank you.




Aquatic Clubs and Software

Atlanta South Eastern Marine Aquarium Society
    Atlanta's Premier Saltwater aquarium club. Free to Join, Free to attend. We meet the last Saturday of each month.

Pan Pacific Guppy Association (PPGA) Official homepage (PPGA Fancy Guppy Home Page).

    We are an International fancy Guppy Association (IFGA) sanctioned club, that is dedicated to the breeding and showing of Show Quality Fancy guppies, located in Southern California.

Aquatic software

Aquacom Aquarium Software

    Aquacom Aquarium Software Description=Complete system for Fishkeepers Diary, Reports, Tools & Loads more!

AquaLot Aquarium Software

    AquaLot is the latest generation of aquarium software. Whether you have a small hobby tank or several professional breeding tanks - AquaLot provides the complete package for all your needs


    Manager Software for freshwater tanks Description=AquarioGest is a complete manager software to help every day all aquarists in keeping healthy their own tanks. All the fishkeepers (from beginners to experts) can easily manage one or several tanks, all the equipements (pumps, lights..), fish (breedings & cares) aquatic plants, water tests... several assistants guide the fishkeeper to bring him to the success in keeping freshwater tanks.

Dream Aquarium Screensaver

    Brings the beauty of a lush, green freshwater aquarium to your desktop with unsurpassed realism

Free Fish Aquarium Screensavers,3D Goldfish Screensaver Free Download

    ish aquarium screensavers bring realistic 3D fish to your desktop with bubbles and water ripple effects.You can tickle and feed fish.Windows 7 compatibility.

Virtual Online Aquarium

    A virtual aquarium online, one that can be set as the background for your desktop using the active desktop option. It features lifelike movement of fishes, plants and other sea creatures. Developed in pure javascript for Internet Explorer.

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