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    First Betta, Please Help

    Since I've had my tanks my girlfriend has recently gotten the bug to get some/a fish. So I told her we'd get her a betta since they don't really require as much as a fw/sw fish does....At least I don't think so! We bought a 1/3 gal. bowl at Walmart, and some rock for the bottom. I cleaned the rock and put water in it two days ago. Now what I need to know is when can I put the betta in? Is there any kind of "biozyme" type of stuff I should put in the water or anything to get it ready for the fish? What kind of food does the betta eat? Regular flake? Any other tips I should know? Thanks for the help!

  • Even though they treat bettas like goldfish, yours would really be happier in a 5 or 10 gallon tank. You will have to make sure you do regular water changes with a dechlorinator if you aren't using any filtration. They can be fed flake, but most LFS stores do sell these betta bits (I think they are by Hikari or something). I had one once in a 10 gal, but used heater and filtration with mine. They are very tolerant of ph 6.0 to 8.0 so don't worry about that at all.

  • hi jeremy...everyone else must be sleeping so I will help...god I have not had a betta since I was a wee kid...but anyway wally world is not a place you want to buy fish!...your betta can be kept in most anything as you have probably seen...a 1-10gal tank is fine...yours will do too...I'm just not a advocate of this thing...anyway if you water has been sitting free for 24-48 hrs with out declorination it will be fine to put the fish in...use a water conditioner in the future...try and keep the temp above or no lower than 70 degrees and do about a 50% weekly water change....flake food with about 45% protein should be OK...I know there are betta fans out there who can help you with anything else...


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