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    I got 2 male kribnesis a few days ago and got 2 females the day after. My problem is one of the males (the dominant one) is beating up all the other kribs including the females, especially during feeding. the tank is approx 240 litres and also has 4 bala sharks and 4 siamese flying fox's. I was wondering if anyone knew why they were doing this, is it normal behavior?

  • I have also thought of getting kribs. From what I;ve read they are pretty agressisve and territorial.I have read on another board of someone keeping two pair, but I think the tank was larger than a 60 gal. I keep other Cichlids and have had them fight even without the prescense of females. Sometimes I use small tetras to distract my angels from fighting. Since you have the balas that may be a problem.They may snack on smaller fish.There is a site called the krib that may have more info for you.

  • Go to the site I'm about to give you. Once there go to the message boards and got to the Cichlid forum. Once there ask for Jared. He's got Kribs and knows them better than most people do. The site is

    I hope this helps. Rose

  • thanks heaps for the help joycedonley and rose.


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