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    Hey, I was wondering if anyone here has kept Boesmani (sp?) rainbowfish. I have read the basic care info on this site and others, but was looking for info based on personal experience. (The reason I'm asking is because I found some conflicting info about their temperaments). Thanks!

  • I have 3 in my tank..I love them they are way gorgeous....regarding temperament....well at first at the LFS they only had one I got him and well he was kinda grouchy by himself and got pretty territorial...even went white in color when he was that I have 2 more they are really happy....I think if you have a fairly large tank and don't overstock they are a great community fish...anyway hope that helps....

  • Jeff, thanks for your response. Wow...he turned white?? That's crazy. Yeah, I think they're beautiful, too. The LFS just got some in, which is what made me start thinking about them. Pretty soon, I might have to get another tank:) What other fish do you have with yours?

  • thanks linda and yes they are very pretty...I'm actually thinking on trying to breed them but I am still thinking...anyway in this particular community tank I have tetras ,bleeding hearts,dawns,zebras,cherry barbs and two siamese flying foxes....all our happy and's heavly planted and I like it that way....

  • Jeff, sounds like a nice tank. Thanks for the input.


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