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    Cory Cats & chemicals

    Is there any website or article that can help me to understand the chemical sensitivities of Cory Cats? I do from time to time need to know, for instance when choosing a medicine. Or in this case I bought something to get rid of snails. The bottle said that you can use this right in your aquarium, however I am skeptical for the sake of my corys and will probably take the bottle back and continue to pick out the snails one by one. It would be so helpful to find some briefing about the cory's senisitivities though.

  • I have been frustrated enough with snails to try Aquarisol. After I bought it, I chickened out because I was afraid of it harming my cories. I decided to experiment on a tank I was breaking down. It had plants and snails but no fish. It did not work for me, even after I increased dosage.
    Someone posted a unique suggestion on this board awhile back for snails. Take an empty plastic 35 mm film canister (Kodak's best because they're black), punch a couple holes in the top and put in a sinking wafer. Drop it in the tank and snails will collect inside. It works! Not that it killed them all but you get rid of a lot at a time and you can remove them from the tank so you don't have their little dead bodies polluting your water.

  • shan...good question....catfish and other scaleless fish can be affected or sensitive to different meds ...some recommend temp raising which will stress them out as look for meds that are recommended for scaleless fish and really read the directions....Paragon brand for scaleless fish and I think Aquarisol is pretty safe....

  • Most meds I have used with Cories said half the dose. I have 2 larger salt & pepper type that are about 4 years old and even survived my one ich outbreak.I hated treating snails every time you add a plant they seem to appear again. I just pick them out of my one tank, since I don't want to keep throwing meds in there.If you have a big tank there are some fish that eat them. Unfortunately they aren't small fish and you then have to provide a home for them.

  • provided you have a large enough tank for them. Clown Loaches. These guys will eat snails all day long if you'll let them. I buy snails to put in my tanks with the Clowns and with in 3 days there are no signs of them anywhere. Rose


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