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    A couple months ago we purchased some live plants. Apparently they came along with snails. Should we worry about this? We've been taking them out when we find them because we don't want them to over run the tank. Is there some way of getting rid of them?

  • Most fish that eat them need a large tank so it depends on the size of your aquarium. To trap them take a film container and poke small holes in the top. Add a food tablet of some type to the container. Remove it Every AM. and empty the snails.PS you may have to weight the container with a small pebble or else sink it in your gravel.

  • snails! love em or hate them...some can be good or bad depending on the type...most you do not want..the trick is stop them before you get washing plants before you put them in your tank...a weak bleach solution or Alum USP. works well....but if they are in you got about 4 choices ....pick em out, trap them get snail eating fish like clown loaches or use chemicals to kill them....pick your choice .


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