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    Need Information on Freshwater Flounder

    I would like to get some more information on the Freshwater Flounder, I saw one at the LFS, but they did not know a lot about it. I've scoured the web, only things I have found were here on Badman's compatiblity chart, that they were a peaceful fish and scavenger. I would like to know more, such as max size, stuff like that. If anyone can help please.

  • not sure which one you are talking about..some petshops sell a juvenille species of a saltwater flounder that lives in freshwater when young(trinectes maculatus) it get to be about six in..then archirus lineatus is also called a freshwater there is a blackflounder from newZealand....maybe a bit more info and we could ID it?

  • They called it trinectes masculatus, on the tank but the manager did not know for sure. Does this one need to be in Salt water when it grows?

  • Ok..that's the one I thought and as I said these are saltwater juveniles of the species who do well in will be fine in the life time of that fish..hope you have a big tank and you can feed it live brine shrimp I believe.also you can add a standard salting dose(tbls per 5 gal.) for your tank and It should be fine.

  • Thank you. One last question they are not predatory are they?

  • are safe...


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