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    Hello. I have some gouramis in my tank and I have noticed that one is hanging around the bottom of the tank. When I feed the fish he/she comes up for food I noticed that he/she has buldging around the lower back end.
    Does anyone know what the cause of this is and how I can make him/her better?
    Upon looking closely I don't see any spots or discoloration on the fish. The only way one would know it was bloated was by seeing it face to face and then you can see the buldge out of the sides.
    Any help would be appreciated as I can't figure out what the problem is.

  • Rose... help me a little with the anatomy of the gourami... is the vent closer to the front end or the tail end? Lots of tail ends just contain swimbladder. Does he have any trouble with floating (like his tail keepsw floating upwards?) or balance? Any scales sticking out as Joyce suggests as with dropsy? Any unusual feces? Trailing feces, etc.? Is he eating?

  • I don't remember where the vent is Barb. I think (don't quote me on this) it's closer to the tail. Sorry. I'll try and find out for you. R-

  • Well he ended up dying. :(. I called my local pet shop where I bought him. I was told that he probably had a bacterial problem and was told that I should use a medicated food. I did this but in my reading I really felt that he had dropsey. He scales did protrude and he had a lump towards the tail.
    He did not have a problem swimming until the end and he ate right up until the end. I treated with Myrcin(SPELLING) two but he didnt' make it.
    I have had this happen twice with Gouramis and will have a better understanding of their problem if it should happen again.
    Thank you for your time and help on this matter.

  • Sorry your fish died. Dropsy is pretty hard to treat.If it keeps happening with fish from the same LFS maybe you should check out a different store.Good luck.

  • Dropsy or fish bloat is featured on the "MEDICATIONS" site on this board. There is a brief description and possible meds you can treat with. Check it out and good luck.

  • It may be dropsy, but I am not much of a 'vet'. You need to check out your water parameters and provide more information. What are the nitrate levels? Ammonia levels? How many fish? How big a tank? How old is the tank? Maybe someone can help, but we do really need the additional information. Thanks.


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