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    German Blue Rams

    So I'm at the LFS yesterday and saw these remarkable German Blue Rams. I almost bought three on the spot for my 58 gallon community tank, but I figured I'd better check out Badman's first. Unfortunately, the fish chart only lists Rams as a general group and I don't like what I hear: needs 84-86 degree water, subject to disease, needs perfect water conditions, not hardy...does anyone have any input? Are Blue Rams subject to the same problems as Rams in general? My tank is kept around 75 degrees, PH 7.2, and has a large mix of peaceful cichlids, barbs, Rainbowfish, catfish, & a barred loach.

  • hi knappy..I will comment on this only because I had 2 before...God I loved this fish..absolutly beautiful huh..well first your ph is too high..not more than 6.5 for the blue ram and temp of 76-80 is OK...the problem with this fish is getting good breed stock...yes it can be hard to keep but only because most people do not take the time to find out how to care for them properly...If I were to get into them again I would find a good reliable fish breeder and stay away from those horrible fish warehouse places...I truly do miss these beauties ..I know the others will be able to help as well...just my thoughts..


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