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    Live plants

    I have had fish tanks in my house for many years but have never been interested in live plants. Now Im kinda interested in getting them but have no idea of what to get, what to do when I get them, or anything. I will probably put them in my 29 gal tank that I use as a feeder tank so that if something goes wrong its no big deal. in that tank I have a pen. bio wheel 160. is the application the same as with a undergravel filter? any comments would be appreciated cause I have never had them before.

  • alright steve! now we are talking...but before we begin you need to ask yourself what you want your tank to be in the end..what you have the a new set-up or one you have already going? need to understand about your tank and it's resident fish,filtration,light and substrate.and the cost factors can be easy and rewarding or real frustrating and think on this for a bit and let me now where your are and where you want to go with this..than we can all help each other out.

  • Right now I have washed gravel with a pen. biowheel for filtration. I do have a undergravel filter in the bottom but no lift tubes or anything hooked up to it (I do this so I can stick my plastic plants in them instead of the store anchors) It has been cycling for about a month with some tuffys and a couple chineese agle eaters. Those are expendable except for the alge eaters which I can either leave in there or move to a different tank. I havnt really decided what I want to put in the tank but I know I dont want anything really big. A medium mixture of community fish would probaby work fine. Actually this might be backwards but I dont mind selecting the fish depending on what plants I have then selecting the plants to match the fish. I like the look bog wood gives me and would really like to find a ground covering moss to grow on the rocks and bog wood. I really like the look of the tank on the Biotope page (congo). the link is anyway that picture is a pretty good idea of what I would like to try. basicly I want to have a tank with lots of plants and then add some fish. key on the plants. jeff maybe you can tell me a time that would work for you and we can meet on the chat room to talk about this. the message board is great but kinda hard for applications like this where I need ALOT of information. thanks.

  • I will let Jeff advise on the plants since he has more experience although I have tons and tons of crypt. As far as those Chinese algae eaters go please do not get any Angels they will suck on their sides and stress the fish(also any other slow moving fish).Siamese algae eaters are the nice ones.

  • thanks joyce...I do not wish to leave you or anyone out of this...we will let you know how it's progressing and get back with imput from you and the others..long posts can be a bit much..

  • It's okay...plants are definately not my thing! The only thing I can grow is dandelion crypt...haha. Let us know how things turn out. Good luck.

  • thanks for the vote of confidence steve and don't worry too much about your tank we will find a happy medium for for the chat's really hard for me to do that because of my shifts at work...perhaps home e-mail if you don't mind then we can go from there if that's Ok with you...

  • Hey message board, email, carrier pigeon,....Im open if your willing to help. my email is I looked in the plants section of badmans page and saw some plants I like, as a matter of fact I saw some that I have the plastic replicas. I havnt gone to the store and looked and saw what they carry in my area but Im asuming that they carry pretty much the same thing all over the states. The snails post kinda scared me though. see thats something that I didnt know about the live plants is the snsails thing. Thanks for all the help. Im going to be taking some pictures soon of my tanks and I will get them on line somewhere (hopefully badmans page) so that you can take a look.


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