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    Guppy question

    I've had guppies and various other community fish for over 18 months. This morning, I noticed that one of my females was HUGE. I don't think she was nearly that big yesterday. I would assume that she was about the give birth except that I noticed that she seems to be "pooping" what looks like her intestines. So far, it looks like a fleshy/red knob protruding out of her birth canal area. She's eating and swimming fine. He literally looks like she's about to pop. I even see traces of blood in her abdomen. I don't know if I should treat her ( for what? ), or if I should euthanize her. I've never seen such a thing! Help! I have her quarantined. Everyone else in the original tank seems fine.

  • Sorry sheri...sounds like one sick fish..probably worm parasite camallanus and dropsy....guppies can give you all kinds of problems due to there mass breeding for pet stores...we all know the many uses of guppies that's why the are so cheap...not to sound cruel but getting new ones are less expensive than the cost and time to treat them...

  • I would still like to know what happened to her, but no need to give me a fast cure. I found her dead this morning.


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