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    Figure 8 Puffers

    So I went to my LFS a couple days ago and came across figure 8 puffers. I have had these fish before but in a different tank setup. The setup I have now is a ten gallon with 2 gouramis and 2 keyhole cichlids.i used to have the same tank but with just the gouramis. From what I saw, it turned out OK with the figure 8 not being problem.
    So I asked the guy (who is usually right) that it would be OK in my new setup and he said it should workout. So, I got a puffer at about 1 in. in lenth. Just to be sure, WILL THIS WORKOUT?also should I add salt,will this effect my other fish?
    and last,the same guy at the store told me that the reason my last puffer died because of overgrown teeth and to prevent this I should give it some crustaceans to eat, will freeze dried crustaceans like shrimp be OK? Can anyone also give me more advice on giving my puffer a longer happier life?

  • Your figure 8 will get to be 5"-7". Too big for your tank with the other fish. Regardless of the salinity issue. I Suggest you go to brackish tank section under Marine and talk to Jawz he has figure 8 puffers.

    'Sorry guys i've been away this weekend helping move some fish tanks. Figure 8's usually get between 5-7" when full grown. They are brackish fish which means you will need a salinity level of about 1.015. It's good however to vary that every water change. In there natural habitat the salinity level is constantly changing so it's good to vary it a little.
    They will eat a variety of foods: frozen bloodworms, frozen brineshrimp, frozen krill, live guppies, and snails. It is VERY important that these and all other brackish puffers have snails at least twice a week to keep their bills filed down. If they don't the bills will end up growing so...'QUOTE BY JAWZ

  • well, I've done more research on the fish and I see that figure 8 needs a source of roughage to keep their teeth the right length. Well snails aren't to common in the stores around my area except for those big "turbo" snails. I think that these snails may be too big for it at it's age. Would freeze dried baby shrimp, brine shrimp, ghost shrimp and freeze dried daphnia be OK?

  • Since none of them have shells on them probably not. I have used freeze dried shrimp and there is no shell to it at all. The same with daphnia. Anyways if their beak/bill gets to long they will not be able to eat and starve. It helps to research your fish before you buy it.

  • I found an article that says you may try fresh clam, oyster or mussel meat. That would be harder for them to chew than the frozen shrimp or daphnia. Also your puffers sometimes get aggressive and chew the fins of other fish. You may want to watch your gouramis for fin damage.

  • I know frozen shrimp and and daphnia don't have shells on them but freeze dried baby shrimp and freeze dried daphnia made by the brand , "TETRA". will these foods be OK?

  • I can't get that kind here, so I guess you have to decide if it's chewy or tough enough to file down their bills I guess their teeth keep growing. Another site I checked actually said you could 'file' them down with some vet type file, but that sounded pretty hard. The fresh mussels and stuff may be in the seafood section of your grocery and not really that much hassle.


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