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    Ragged fins/fungus

    My one angel has a very ragged tail fin. Looks eaten away in the middle. I put Kankacyn in the tank today and yesterday did my weekly water change. The other angel looks fine and this one never had the best finnage. Should I continue to treat for the 5 days with the Kankacyn? Easter and nothing is open good thing I had some meds. Should I cut down on the feeding? Fish acts okay. All that is in tank are 2 angels, 2 cherry barbs and 1 small pleco.

  • Holy Joyce!...I kinda figured you know your own way around the illness thing..which I think you do.. So trust your instincts and take a look at where this may be coming from ie: aggression or water and temp conditions?...anyway if you have started treatment continue through with it..Kanacyn is a good choice...and yes I would slow down on the feeding but I'm not sure how you are going to do that with all the other fish in there?...Anyway the success rate is pretty good since you have caught it quickly...good luck

  • Thanks Jeff. I haven't had sick fish in a very long time (over a year) so kind of rusty. I always had good luck with the K which is why I had some on hand. Guess I'll continue 5 day treatment and do another h20 change. Fin rot surprises me with my python weekly water changes and my light fish load. Haven't seen any aggression at all.


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