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Archived message board.

    Heater Problem

    Hi. I have a heater that has some weird colors on it. It has what looks like rust bands near the bottom where the heating element is. I tried scrubbing the tube with a toothbrush but that didn't work. There is also some algae-looking stuff that is kinda brown in color. But I tried to scrape that off and nothing happened too. Maybe it's on the inside of the tube? Does anyone know WHAT this stuff is, HOW it happened, and HOW to get rid of it?

  • Be careful if it's on the inside your heater may be cracked and leaking. I had a cheap one do that. I now buy all Tronic heaters. They are more expensive, but much more reliable. There are some other good heaters with thicker glass out there. If it is cracked it can also overheat.

  • Yeah, I had one crack and got brownish goop inside. Be very careful.

  • Thanks. So how do I know if the heater is cracked? Would the crack be visible? It might be that it has overheated. I've noticed that it almost never turns itself off. The water temp doesn't get too high but whenever I look at the tank the heater is on. What should I do now? Buy another heater or what? Is there any danger to my fish with my heater how it is right now? Thanks for any more help that you can give me.

  • Don you do not want heater problems!...if there is any hint this thing isn't working properly get rid of it...I love my ebo-jagers...never,have any troubles...

  • An update. I realized that part of the discoloration on the heater is that little bit of cotton that's jammed in the end of the tube. It has turned brown, from heat or something. I asked about this problem at my LPS and they said basically to just keep it until it won't heat the water any more. Should I return the heater to them and demand a new one? Thanks again for your help.

  • don...LPS..I would like to take some of those people and...duh..*(*&...take your heater back tell them you are not satisfied with that one and can't afford to have a failure in your tank and get a good one...if you even have intermittent problems you can end up with endless problems you don't want..

  • Listen to Jeff. If you are away from home and your temps go down your fish's health could be at risk and I bet you the LPS won't replace them for you!

  • Thanks for all your help! I'll try returning the pump this weekend. Hope my LPS will take it. Thanks again for all the advice you've given me!


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