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    My tank has been running for 15 months now with everything running fine. That is until recently. Over the last few months the nitrate levels have rocketed off the chart. This has lead to the plants dying and some of the fish. To combat this I have been doing 20% water changes ever two weeks but the level remains the same. Any help would be cool. Thanks

  • hey not good...high nitrate levels can caused by a number of things but most commonly is lack of your self these questions first...bioload? how much fish are in the tank? often too much for it's I over feed?...yep I vacuum my gravel and generally clean up debris during my water changes?....How often do I do changes and how much?..Maybe I should do more more often?...How good is my filtration? Is it working properly and effectively?.....Do I have natural nitrate consumer's in my tank(plants!) how many and are they growing well?..What exactly are my levels? and is my test kit reliable....You see what I'm getting at sid?...lotsa questions need to be answered by yourself...when you have answered all these will see the answers clearly.....

  • sid...specifically, and I believe Jeff touched on it...think about is this way...nitrate producers, and nitrate consumers (plants)...It isn't the nitrate that is harming the plants most guess is that for some reason your plants are doing well and are dying, therefore they are not using the nitrate. So on top of the things Jeff listed to think about, try to examine it with the thoughts that I highlighted in the back of your head.

  • In a planted tank less than 10-20ppm is acceptable nitrate levels...Fish get real stressed over 60ppm and plants will pack it in below those levels...light is usually the key problem and if you are not getting enough light in there the plants will not be able to photosynthesis and burn up those weekly water changes of 15-20% for now and see if that will help bring down the nitrate levels...


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