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    Kribensis or ram

    Hey, I have a 29 gallon tank with 2 female bettas, 3 platys, 5 harlequin rasboras, 3 cories, and one rubber pleco. Do I have enough room for a pair of kribensis OR blue rams? If yes, I have a few questions. I have kept Bolivian rams before, but I can't rely on any being available. Are blue rams really that much harder to care for? I do weekly water changes of about 15%, would that be enough? Would a pair of kribensis be easier to care for? Would they be too aggressive for the fish I have? Thank you very much for any info!

  • hope it's not too late to respond!
    I just had a pair of kribs about a month ago. The little guys can be really aggressive during mating time. One got so protective of the nest that it even took out one of my convicts(they make good tankmates by the way when not breeding). Later, the female even took on the male and ended his life in a hurry. Though, its too bad I lost two fish I really liked and the eggs didn't even hatch. Well anyway, my advice is to just get one because if mine had the guts and ability to kill a convict(a fairly matured one[3 inches])
    who knows what will happen to your community fish.

  • yes, I think you can have either pair. In my experience, rams have been pretty hardy fish and can get aggressive if provoked enough by tankmates. As for the kribs, keep an eye on the other fish cause kribs can be really aggressive toward any fish(regardless of size or temperament)during breeding time.

  • Read what Ilboy and Curt say on Matt's 4/5 post 'Cichlid' down a few on the page. I would think if krib get aggressive when they breed they may take on your female bettas which I know aren't really fast enough to get away.
    They have both had rams....I have not although I have been thinking about getting kribs.


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