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    Turning off UG

    Is it possible to cut these off? I have just been adding aquaclear hang ons to my tanks that came with UG unless I am tearing down and starting over. Any new ones I start get bio wheels or aquaclears or both. I have one tank 4-5 years old that I am sure UG is not working well, but it is so full of plants that it seems pretty stable. Anyway I didn't think you could safely turn one off?????

  • joyce...Am I understanding you?..You are considering turning off you UGF...I know UGF's are a big controversial subject...I just do not like them for my own personal reasons..Usually I will try to discourage there use in a planted tank to start....but you seem to be doing fine with yours in there...the main purpose of the UGF is for biological needs to be maintained or it wont' work to it's designed intention..most of the time in a planted tank the UGF gets all plugged up and it'd biobed filtration doesn't work well...also substrate additives are difficult to use...but if you have been using it for years you probably have a pretty rich bed of mulm in there...if you are happy with the way your plants are growing leave it won't could probably put a small power head in l your UGF to keep your CO2 levels up if you aren't doing that already...maybe that will increase the effect of the filter cause it probably not doing much for filtration after all the years with plants....does any of this make sense to you?...Always trying to help...

  • Joyce....i got a biowheel, stuck a bag of ugf gravel in it and let it run for a couple weeks...then I took on the unpleasant tank of uprooting and taking out the ugf, replanting etc etc...everything worked like a charm, no fatalities, and water is beautiful...but like Jeff said, I really doubt there is any harm in leaving it...or you could just unhook the powerhead or airline and leave it be:)

  • Joyce I will agree with curt...I must have missed something though...with what you want to do?....sorry just trying to figure this out with you....

  • Thanks. I don't want to tear up tank. The plants look nice. I have an aquaclear hang on 150 running besides the ug. Just wanted to know if I could safely pull the power head off the UG and cap it without throwing things out of whack.

  • I get long as you have that AQ on the back filter should be ok...was the UGF done for it's years or what?..

  • I really don't think it's very functional anymore with the ton of crypt growing.


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