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    Hey guys sorry its been a while since I got back to you on my problem. There has been no change in my water. Its not really cloudy, but kinda hazy. Its a white haze. I just can't figure out the relation ship between my filter tube being dirty with this brown and purple like substance, and my tank being clear as can be. Then the stuff in the tube is gone and my tank gets hazy. I'm having problems with my ammonia level. No matter what I do I don' seem to be able to get it down really low. And when the tank does start to get clear, its time to clean the bottom of the tank again, and then it gets cloudy again. I don't know what or if I am doing something wrong. But all the fish seem healthy. I'm feeding them once every other right now to try and clear the tank out. But nothing seems to be working. I just wish that brown purple stuff would come back into my filter tube again so my tank would be clear:o) I know this is a long message but I want to explain everything that is going on. Here are my specs. I have a 25g tank. I have 2 tiger barbs, 2 black mallows, 1 Dalmatian molly, 5 cardinal tetras, 2 other mollies, their name isn't comming to me right now. And an algae eater. So anyone with any help or ideas it would make my day! Thanks

  • Test all the parameters of your tap waterspout some in a small glass from the faucet and test it. First make sure that it is not the actual water itself that is causing any of your problems(sounds strange). How often are you doing water changes and how much? PS hate to go off subject, but those 2 tigers are a really bad idea.

  • Joyces advise sounds like a good place to start..test your tap water...bob just be sure you are not destroying your bacterial bed on and cleaning/maintaince it just sounds weird. Maybe test your water parameters before you do your maintenance and if everything checks out OK..then leave it for another week and see if everything clears up.....

  • Thanks for the advice. I got a couple more questions though. I've checked my tap water before. And there is no ammonia in it, and its Ph is about 6.8. So I don't see anything in my water that would be bad. Unless there is something in there I'm not looking for? One other thing, I HAD 3 tiger died of Friday and one died today, so now I am down to 1. I had them in there by mistake anyway. I only started this hobby in January, so they where one of the first fish I got. So I'm not upset that they are gone. But I don't know why they are gone. The showed no signs of being sick or anything. So if you can tell if I need to look for something else in my water that would be helpful. I usually change the water every 2 weeks, about 20% and once a month a clean the bottom. About once a month I also clean my filter but not at the same time I clean the bottom of the tank. But it doesn't seem to matter whenever I do either the tank gets cloudy. So the more I think about it the more I think I must be doing something wrong right? Well any help would be great. Thanks

  • bob....when you say clean the filter what exactly are you doing?...That's where alot of people make a mistake by cleaning out the filter too well and destroying the good bacteria....also as I said check your water before changing it and see what the nitrate levels are cause if they are too high you may get yet another algae bloom from the nitrates in the water the algae is feeding on...still thinking on this...

  • Bob I have 3 undergravel filters which I really dislike but the tanks came with them. I very rarely have to bother with cleaning filter something really strange is going on in your tank. You can add a filter like a aquaclear 100 if you think there is a filtration problem. My 29 gallon that is 5 years old has a pretty plugged undergravel and I added the aquaclear for better filtration. Just do not pull out the ug. For one thing it will take about 4 weeks to condition the new one, for another sometimes the ammonia and bacteria bed can really built up under those. If you ever want to remove one you almost have to take out the fish and do a tear down then recycle the tank. I had 2 fish die when I move a 15gallon with a UG. Anyways tell us EVERYTHING that is in your tank other than the water and fish. I mean any plants, decor,heater,filters, substrate or chemicals.Also list the location of your tank and approximately how much light it receives.Also you can change about 15%-20% water per week. A PH of 6.8 is pretty low compared to most areas of the country. It is good for most soft h20 fish, but you will have to be little careful that it doesn't drop to lower than 6.5 be sure not to overfeed.

  • Just another brief note. Please don't panic if you do lose your fish. Cardinals and neons are very hard fish to keep (although you have good ph for them). Your mollies on the other hand prefer a higher ph and a little salt. The cardinals won't like the salt...the tigers will attack the mollies. Before you add any more fish please check out some profiles and go a little easier on yourself. Most tetras would be great for your tank, but you did pick one of the hard ones.Ps my African red eyes are 5 years old and my serpae about 4 years old. Also if your tank has cycled there is no reason you can't vacuum that gravel weekly.


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