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    I've got a new 20 gallon tank with two silver sharks one catfish and 9 neons. The neon's are hiding and refuse to come out from hiding. I've had them For about 2 weeks and they've only just started doing this. Is it something I'm doing wrong or is it normal or what? Please help. Thanks

  • They are probably afraid of the Sharks. I have even had a peaceful angelfish eat a neon. Larger fish eat small fish when the mood strikes them.

  • Anon, I agree with Joyce.... if those "silver sharks" are Bala sharks I have heard from my LFS (local fish store) that, while not REAL aggressive, Bala Sharks tend to bully smaller fish and may even eat them. Claude

  • Ok..I have to chuckle a little on this one too...I agree with Joyce and claude...if everything in your swimming pool seemed fine and you jumped for a swim then saw two sharks swimming around wouldn't you be hiding too?...Poor little guys...check out fish compatibility on this site later for some help...

  • Thanks for all your help but I sat there for hours and stared at them where they couldn't see me and the sharks acted if the couldn't care less about the neons and they still hid. Even when I wasn't in the room. Could there be some thing wrong with the water? Or they have a disease?Thanks for all your advice though.

  • If the fish are eating and show no signs of disease they are fine. Just sensing the sharks moving about may scare them. Even if the sharks don't attack them they may spook around the large fish. A lot of small fish hide from big fish it is instinct since in the wild they would definitely be eaten. One of the more common diseases in neons is neon tetra disease and their color will fade out if they have it. I had trouble keeping neons and cardinals they seemed very sensitive.

  • But I really like my sharks though. They are only about 3-5 cm long. There are two of them though. Is there any thing I can do at all or do they have to go?

  • How long have you had the sharks and neons together? My neons stayed cautious for a couple of weeks before they realized they were not prey and got more comfortable! I have had 6 neons in my tank even through my cycling process and they have been okay. I got them at a specialty pet store rather than Petco or Petsmart so maybe the breeding is a little better! Mandi

  • IM not a expert on Neons but as far as I know they are schooling fish. Maybe its because you have only 2 of them that they feel threatened. Maybe if you got 2 more then they would feel more comfortable. Safety in numbers and all that...

  • I have nine neons Steve. To mandy-I have only had the neons for a couple of weeks so maybe your right and the might get better. Five of them are now showing them selves so they are getting better.

  • IM sorry anonymous. I misread your post about having 2 sharks and thought you had 2 neons. Glad to hear that they are doing somewhat better.


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