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    Molly mystery

    I have a black molly that has changed in appearance over the past week and I am trying to decide if it is pregnant or has a disease. It is in a 10 gallon tank that is well maintained with 2 black skirts, an orange colored molly and an algae eater. The Molly's belly is twice its regular size but the scales look like they are still close to the body just stretched a little. The weirdest thing is 3 or 4 silvery scales only at the back under the fin where it poops (for lack of a more appropriate word) The molly seems to be eating just fine - I feed my fish once daily and no other fish are acting sick. If my molly is pregnant what is the incubation time and what should I do to better prepare my tank for babies. Thanks for your time!

  • your fish could very well be pregnant.. but if it had a rapid onset of body bloating it is more like dropsy..please read info on this site for disease and meds to understand...high nitrates may be the cause.. a water change and treatment with marcyn 2 or kanamycin is in orded..if your fish is eating start it on antibiotic fish food like tertra's or medi-gold.. increase aeriation in your tank and take out the carbon filter during treatment..also since your molly is a live bearer add some salt to your tank 1-2 tbls per 10gals

  • ditto Jeff Mollies including black are better kept in a brackish tank. Actually sailfin mollies can even be kept in a saltwater tank. Even though people keep them in fresh it is really compromising their health. My LFS won't sell you mollies unless you say you will add salt to the water.


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