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    Fahaka puffer

    when they are very young do they still eat gold fish and what should I get a fahaka or a Indian puffer a couple figure 8s a couple spotted and a avocado what would be more interesting

  • I know some people with figure 8's which get to be 5"-7". Figure 8 Puffers do better in a brackish tank with a solution of about 1.015 salt ph7.5-8.0. They also like caves to hide in. They eat frozen bloodworm, frozen shrimp, live guppies. You have to give ALL puffers snails or crustaceans to file down their bills. If you don't do this they grow too long and can no longer eat properly, hence they starve. This is not a fish for the novice. A website with puffer information is Check in the pavilion section.

  • Click on the funny animal/fish head before going to pavilion. Also Fahaka are freshwater puffer. There are also saltwater puffer besides the brackish. Make sure you get it straight on which kind you are purchasing. If you fail to meet the requirements of your puffer you will be stressing the fish. Congo and red eyes among others are listed as freshwater. As I said in my prior post figure 8's are considered brackish fish.

  • Sorry to make such a long long thread. Had to mention that the fahaka is a VERY bad idea. Fourteen inches of aggressive fish and best kept alone = large tank with one fish. Please check out the link I gave you. Very good info on puffers and also shows the picture.


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