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    Goby, you got some 'splaining to do

    I finally found true Siamese flying fox and bought two. The next day there was only one, but my Knight Goby had a big belly and a wry smile on his face. This fish has never been aggressive and I believe that I read that it was not a fish carnivore. Has anyone ever heard of Knight's eating smaller fish? I checked the entire tank and can't find the other flying fox, which was 1/4 of the size of the (healthy) knight goby.

  • I think just about any bigger fish will eat a smaller one if opportunity arises. I Will ask some people with knight gobies.

  • I copied this from the net on knight gobies.
    Alias fan dancer gobies.
    Scientific Name. Stigmatogobius adanundio. -------------------------------------------------------
    Comments. Fan Dancer Gobies are brackish water fish. They can gradually adapt to living in either freshwater or saltwater but do best in water with 1 Tablespoon of aquarium salt per each 5 gallons of aquarium water. They are bottom dwelling fish that are energetic, mildly aggressive, and have huge appetites. Feed them with live or frozen food several times a day. Fan Dancer Gobies are also called Knight Gobies. Since they eat live foods....maybe!

  • I once had a knight goby...great to watch. I never had problems with it bothering other fish as all..although I have also read things like what Joyce wrote, so maybe it is possible. Mine was always a recluse. Curt

  • I asked the people with Knight gobies and they said it was possible. They will sometimes pick on the smaller BB gobys too.

  • I just read a post from someone I know with knights. She put two platies in with them and they really creamed one of them before she could save it. She said the knight just grabbed it in it's mouth even though the platy was pretty big I guess sometimes they really do get aggressive


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