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    Hatchet Fish

    I was wondering whether anyone knew anything about the habits of or caring for hatchetfish. You probably think I ask too much but I like to know stuff I guess. I'm also kind of a newbe to the hobby. But I'm a fish fanatic all the same. Thanks, Hannah.

  • Hey hannah...kinda cool fish fav is the marbled hatchetfish...lets see Latin name carnagialla to swim in the calm top waters of your tank...get a lid they jump!!..Happy in school of 4 or more..grow to about 6.5 cm and live about 5yrs..water ph 6.4-6.8 15dgh...temp 72-78F... they are egg layers and like to eat mosquito larva or flakes...that help you?

  • Keep the top well covered. They're excellent jumpers. ;) I know this well!

  • Thanks, that's great. My favourite's the marbled too. But I like them all so it doesn't make much difference which I buy. Very helpful, I can't thank you enough, Hannah.

  • Hannah, I certainly don't want to be a spoil sport for you (having read your other posts), but I would wait just a while on the hatchet fish. Since you are a newbie (which by the way Welcome Aboard the Hobby of Fishkeeping), we want you to be successful and sometimes the hatchets are not easily kept. As I mentioned under another post, if you will let us know what kind of fish you have already (unless you have mentioned in a post I have not yet gotten to or seen), we will be glad to help you choose fish that will be easy to care for and that you can enjoy.


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