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    20 gallon tank

    I was thinking of getting a 20 gallon fish tank and was wondering if you tell me some good equipment for it that isn't too expensive thanks

  • Some of the equipment will depend on what you are putting in the tank. But one of the essentials no matter what is a good filter with biological filtering capacities. My personal preference is the penguin or emperor biowheels...the penguin 120 or 170 would do just fine, and are in the 20$ range and work great. If you are keeping tropical fish, you will also most likely need a heater. I have experience with rena or ebo jager, and both are would only need a 50 watt heater or so, so either one is cheap. I'm assuming the hood and light you are getting with the tank. If you tell us what you are planning for the tank, maybe we can give you more specific info too

  • Ditto with Curt. I have a penguin biowheel on my 29 gal and really like it! I use Tronic heaters on all my tank, but they are about the same price as the ebo jager. The substrate and lighting depend on what you plan for the tank.

  • All-good advice...key thing as said..what kinda tank are you thinking on?

  • I'm planning on a freshwater tank (if that is what you meant by "what kind of tank are you thinking on"). I found this at Is this a good deal, and and is pet warehouse reliable? Also when they say Ocean Style does that mean that it is meant for a saltwater tank? Here is the description they gave: 20 Gallon Ocean Style Kit * Item : 931300 These quality aquarium kits provide the basics for starting a healthy underwater environment. Just choose the size that is right for you and you're on your way to a thriving aquarium. Kit includes: glass aquarium, florescent deluxe full hood, Whisper Power Filter, setup video and booklet, fish net, thermometer, food and water treatment. Price : $80.09

  • That sounds good. There are a few things you will need to get on top of what the kit comes with. You will need to get a heater for sure. Other than that it looks OK. (If I missed something it's cause my mind is sleeping.) Pet warehouse is a good place to get equipment and other stuff. They are a bit spendy though. I get a lot of my stuff from They are cheaper in a lot of ways over Pet warehouse. Both are equally good. Rose

  • I buy just about everything from petwarehouse. They have been extremely prompt on their deliveries. I bought a python for around 50.00 and in the LFS it was 75.00-79.00.My 931300 says 89.00 and it does include the heater. Page 42 in petwarehouse spring20001 catalog. Anyways that aquarium looks OK to me.

  • Hannah...petwarehouse is a good place to shop, as is bigals...both are usually much cheaper than the lps....but on that kit, be careful. A couple things to consider. The heater is not submersible...and much lower quality than a good submersible for about 20$ or so...a potential source of problems. Also the whisper filter is OK for mechanical filtration, but at least in my opinion, its biological filtration capacity is very poor compared to others like the biowheel. So you could go with this kit, and save a little, or purchase everything separately, and be guaranteed to good reliable equipment that will save you headaches in the long run. Curt

  • Guess I do agree with Curt on the heater. Never thought of it being one of those cheap ones. My cheap one did last three years though before going downhill. I still have a few of them for backups in case I need to set up a QT tank. I would think you could add these things to the setup since it doesn't appear to be an eclipse contained tank. When I first started out fishkeeping everything came in a kit to save money. In fact even now all the LFS stores sell 'KITS'on their tanks. I added aquaclear filters and submersibles to two of my 'kit' tanks.

  • You may want to just check out some of your local stores first. I got a great deal on my 29gal with stand from a pet supplies plus store(they were running an ad).Then I bought a filter and heater through petwarehouse.I know someone else who also got a great deal from a pet smart store. Sometimes LFS even have bargain setups because the stand is a little chipped or finished poorly.


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