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    Figure 8

    I have a figure 8 puffer that I think has outgrown my community tank and I was wondering if it would be wise to put it into my semi aggressive-aggressive tank which has a convict, a blood parrot and a krib. Any help?

  • Puffers are aggressive Jeremy. I know someone who has figure 8's on another site. He does keep his with bumblebee gobys and has not had problem. However you are introducing it into a tank where it has not grown up with the inhabitants and territories will need to be established. At least move everything around as far as the decor and keep a close eye on things. Caves and hiding places also help with puffers so try to set a few up. If the fish are smaller than your puffer they may be eaten. I know krib are pretty aggressive too so be mighty careful. Make sure you keep it in a brackish tank.

  • You may want to check the puffer site I listed in other puffer posts first. If you click on your puffers picture there are sometimes comments by people owning these fish. That should help a lot more than any advice I could give since I do not have one.

  • [Nomenclature]
    • Common Name: Figure Eight Puffer
    • Family: Tetraodontidae
    • Genus: Tetraodon
    • Specific Epithet: biocellatus
    • Scientific Name: Tetraodon biocellatus
      [Water Requirements]
    • pH: 7.5
    • General Hardness: 12DH
    • Temperature: 78o F
    • Salinity: Fresh to Marine (0.0 to 1.021 ppt)
    Heck I'll save ya some is the comment
      Figure 8 puffers
    • [Home Range: South East Asia; Palembang (Sumatra), Thailand, Cambodia
    • Average Length: 6 inches
    • Compatibility: Generally peaceful, may become aggressive with age.
    • Territoriality: Semi-territorial
    • Food: Live preferred. Will take frozen.
    • Breeding Habits: None observed.
      [Personal Experience]
    • I have found the Figure Eights to be fairly easy to care for. They are generally not picky eaters, consuming most anything you drop in the tank. They are extremely adaptable to rapid changes in salinity, and it appears that they do very well in full marine conditions if properly acclimated. Although I wouldn't go as far as to say Figure Eights are Community fish, they are docile enough to have tank mates in most cases. I have kept my Figure Eights with other Puffers, including Green Congos, Ceylons, a South American and other Figure Eights. There were a few instances of the Figure Eights chasing one another, but that is common in most any species of fish. There was very little aggression between them and members of other species. I also have kept Bumble Bee Gobies, Cory Cats, Flying Foxes, Guppies, Mollies, Bettas and Jumbo Neons with my Figure Eights and other Puffers. I only lost one Goby and I think Ox, my S. American, ate him.

  • Jermy I think putting it in the semi aggressive tank will be wise u should be able get away wit it with out a problem I have my spotted "huge" with needle nose gars pacus and another small spotted and they have no trouble I think putting him in the aggressive on is a great idea

  • thnx for the help! I think I'll move him soon.


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