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    Hi, I'm wondering how aggressive gourami's are. I saw them in my LPS but I don't know if they'll hurt my tetras the are currently in my tank. Thanks.

  • They probably won't bother the tetras since they do not have the same fin types or profiles. I had two honey gourami once and they did fight each other. If you had angels or bettas they may pick on them. Most tetras are pretty fast and spunky. Some of the larger gourmis like lace or moonlight are supposed to be more peaceful than the dwarf gourami, but you do need a larger tank. Make sure that your tetra don't nip at the gourami Serpae can be a bit nippy.

  • Hey Bob. I agree with Joyce. I have a 3 spot gourami in a tank with some cardinal tetras, some mollys and a Big Snail. He sometimes nips at the snail but other then that he's really docile. I think he snips at the snail cause its a slow moving object. He cant keep up with the tetras.

  • If Steve's three spot is behaving with his tetra you should be pretty safe. Aquarium Fish mag for this month has a 3 page spread on gouramis and says the three spot can be more aggressive than some other ones. I stand corrected on the moonlight they are beautiful 8 inches, but can give trouble to small fish. There are so many gouramis that you have lots of choices. Snakeskin gouramis are supposed to get really mean at breeding time. Thicklip and pearl are supposed to be a good community fish. I think most people have problems with breeding pairs in tanks that are too small. Then they get a little territorial.

  • I have 2 neon blue dwarfs that never bother the angels. Its the only 2 I ever had so that's all the exp. I have so take it as you like im no pro.

  • I have two dwarf powder blue and they seem to get along with everyone in my community tank. They do steal food from the bottom feeders though--picking at the pieces from bottom of the tank. They seem to like it better than flake or freeze dried tubiflex worms.

  • I have a flame dwarf qourami that is very aggressive and chased all the other fish. I put him in another tank and got another flame for company, but after about an hour he never let up chasing the new one. The new one is in the community tank with the other fish, and he leaves them alone, even shares the favorite swimming spot (where there's a strong current) with the corys, and while they sometimes bump into each other there is no aggression. Not sure whether I'd get a flame again, one peaceful and one so aggressive.


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