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    Hi all, Well I got my tank set up two weeks ago... and now have added fish as of a few days ago. I noticed while feeding today that one of my Bleeding Heart Tetras has what looks to be a white, cottony fungus?? growth on his tail fin and dorsal fin. Any idea what this is?? I have a good guess from the Disease's page here. Now the big question...being as I am cycling the tank (fish have only been in for 3 days....LIVE plants for 1 wk). What can I treat this fish with that will not kill my plants or mess up the cycling??? thanks Claude

  • Even though your tank is not cycled you have to treat if they have white cottony growth on their bodies. I have never had this type of fungus so maybe Jeff or Curt can help with which med is easier on plants. If you don't hear from them I use Kanacyn for most bacterial infections and have not noticed it impacting my plants. Since you are still cycling use some extra aeration(air stone/bubble wand or something) when you treat the fish and don't feed very much. Keep testing for nitrates and ammonia spikes. After your treatment period expires(should say on the med) do a small water change.

  • Yep as Joyce said sounds like cotton mouth fungus. Flexibacter Columnaris...You have read the disease and med part on this site good! Now as said again and again test your water..Ph,nitrite and ammonia,Treat with Furance,Fungus cure,E.M tabs or tetracycline,read the instructions on the a 30% water change to start if your ammonia and nitrites are off the map...remove the carbon from your filter and add aeration as Joyce mentioned and keep a close eye on your water parameters during treatment because you may lose your entire bacterial bed while cycling and treatment.. Sorry,

  • OK...sorry I miss read your fungus on the mouth just body right? we have a different fungi more likely saprolgnia and achlya which are usually secondary infections from disease or parasites...usually the healthy fish are not lets try to save your bacterial bed and get just that fish out and try a methylene blue dip...this might not help but try it anyway it's usually more effective if it's an eye effected thing ...and a drop of methylene blue in a gal of water put the fish in for ten to twenty minutes do it twice a day to see if you get an have nothing to lose...if it doesn;t work than use the fungus Guard or fungus cure as mentioned earlier..sorry sometime I don't pay attention when my daughter is crying...yikes

  • What you have is Flexebactor. You will need to treat with Maracyn for the Flex and Maracyn 2 for the secondary infection that will come. Lower your tank to 75 degrees. Flex grows like gangbusters in 77 or higher. Treat with both for a full 10 days. If you fish is still eating get some Tetra Anti-bacterial medicated food to feed them. Do NOT feed anything else for a minimum of 5 days on day six give some blood worms or brine shrimp then start the medicated food again. If you need any more info go to We have tons of info on this floating around there. Good luck. Rose

  • Rose ...that's what I thought too but usually that seems so be mainly on the mouth as in my first post but it can be seen elsewhere..I did however feel that a lesser aggressive treatment may work...

  • Dont' bother with something less aggressive. There are several degrees on how deadly this can be. All the fish I have had have been dead in less than 3 days from the very first sign that something was wrong. If you have this it is way better to hit it hard to begin with than to find out you hit it too soft and have your fish dead in a matter of hours. The degrees of this range from dead in a matter of hours to weeks. Most happen to die in the first 3-7 days. This is why I said to hit it with Maracyn and Maracyn 2. Most importantly hit it with the Maracyn. That will be what kills the bacteria. Rose

  • No the cottony stuff is ONLY on the tail fin and dorsal fin. And only this fish is infected. All fish INCLUEDING the one with the growth are eating, active and appear happy. So should I still follow Rose's treatment??? Thanks Claude

  • yes....we will go for the more aggressive to be safe...good luck

  • Ditto with Jeff...By the time the fish are dead too late!


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