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Medications, Treatment and Usage

Super Ick Cure™ Capsules

Super Ick Capsules
  • Quickly and effectively treats Ich, a highly contagious and very destructive disease, which may cause large wounds that easily become infected.
  • Kills the Ich parasite, usually within 24 hours .

For the treatment of ich (ichthyophthirius) sometimes called white spot disease because fish appear to be covered with grains of salt. This highly contagious disease can be very destructive since encysted ich parasites may move between the two outer layers of skin, causing large wounds that easily become infected. Contains benzaldehyde green to kill the ich parasite and nitrofurazone to help heal the wounds the parasite may leave. Packaged in blister card of 8 tablets, bottles of 100, bottles of 1,000 and 650 grams of powder in jar with measuring spoon.




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