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Stress Coat®

  • A patented formula containing Aloe Vera, nature's first-aid plant, to protect and heal fish. Forms a synthetic slime coating on the skin of fish. Replaces the natural secretion of slime that is interrupted by handling, shipping, fish fighting or other forms of stress.
  • Removes chlorine instantly.
  • Recommended by professional fish handlers to add to fish bags for protection on the trip home.




85A 8 oz. bottle
85B 4 oz. bottle
85C 16 oz. bottle
85D 1 gallon bottles
85E 5 gallon bottles
85F 16 oz. bottle with pump
85G 1 oz. bottle (packed 12 to a display)
85H 2 oz. bottle on card
85B 4 oz. bottle
85Q ¼ oz. tube (packed 50 to a display)

Technical Reference.

Stress Coat®Aquarium Water Conditioner for Tropical Fish

· Replaces the natural slime coating fish may lose in times of stress

· Removes chlorine from tap water

· Contains Aloe Vera, nature's "liquid bandage," to promote the healing of skin wounds and torn fins

· 1-ounce (30 mL) treats 60 gallons (227.10 L) of fresh or salt water

Use whenever...

    · Setting up an aquarium

    · Changing water

    · Aiding new fish to a tank

    · Fish are damaged by injury or disease


All tropical fish secrete a protective mucoprotein slime coating that covers the scales and skin. This slime coat acts as a defense against invasion by bacterial, parasitic, and fungal pathogens. Essential electrolytes necessary for osmoregulation are lost through breaks in the skin and slime coating causing dangerous stress. Open wounds and abrasions caused by handling, netting, and breeding behavior are readily attacked by disease organisms resulting in further stress and fish death. STRESS COAT is a special patented formula containing a slime coat replenisher and Aloe Vera, nature's own liquid bandage. This formula not only eases stress but promotes the healing of damaged fish tissue.

STRESS COAT contains a special non-toxic polymer that is attracted to the skin of the fish forming a synthetic slime coat envelope. STRESS COAT also contains electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium, and chloride which helps reduce loss of electrolytes through the skin, gills, and damaged tissue. The Aloe Vera in STRESS COAT reduces inflammation of damaged fish tissue. Independent studies have proven that STRESS COAT aids in the healing and regeneration of damaged tissue. This formulation was proven so unique and effective that it was awarded U.S. Patent 4500510.

STRESS COAT is used worldwide as a tonic when actual tissue damage and stress has occurred as a result of disease or fish interaction. STRESS COAT also neutralizes chlorine and can be used in conjunction with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals AMMO-LOCK®2 to condition aquarium water and neutralize toxic ammonia in tap water. STRESS COAT is used and recommended by fish handlers to add to bags of fish during transporting.


To Replace Fish Slime Coating: to promote the healing of skin wounds and torn fins, add two teaspoonfuls (10 mL) of STRESS COAT for each 10 gallons (37.85 L) of aquarium water.

To Remove Chlorine: add one teaspoonful (5 mL) of STRESS COAT for every 10 gallons (37.85 L) of tap water.

To Remove Chloramine: use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals AMMO-LOCK®2. AMMO-LOCK 2 will instantly lock up the ammonia from chloramine as well as ammonia produced by decomposing fish waste.

STRESS COAT is not a medication and is not intended to be a substitute for any medication.


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