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Medications, Treatment and Usage


Insto Chlor, Economical Water Conditioner - fish care products Fresh and Salt Water - fish care productsInsto Chlor
Economical Water Conditioner
Removes chlorine and heavy metals present in the tap water. Breaks the chloramine bond and makes water safe for fish instantly. Special ingredients are added to protect fish from frayed fins and net damage. Also guards against secondary fungus and bacteria infections. Economical to use.

Prod No Size Treatment Contents Treats
Insto Chlor, Liquid
NL035 2 oz (59 mL) 2 drops/1 US gal (4 L) 800 US gal (3000 L)
NL035-4 4 oz (118 mL) 2 drops/1 US gal (4 L) 1,600 US gal (6000 L)
NL036 8 oz (236 mL) 2 drops/1 US gal (4 L) 3,200 US gal (12000 L)
NL036G 1 gal (3.78 L) 2 drops/1 US gal (4 L) 51,200 US gal (193800 L)

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