Badman' Tropical Fish

Medications, Treatment and Usage


Stress ZymeŽ

Stress Zyme (8 oz. bottle)
  • Contains 100 million live bacteria per teaspoonful.
  • Helps keep a naturally balanced aquarium by eliminating sludge build-up. Prevents ammoniaand nitrite poisoning, low oxygen levels and low pH.
  • Use when setting up and once a week maintaining an aquarium.


Product ID


56A 1 oz. (30 ml) bottle
56B 2 oz. (60 ml) bottle on a card
56C 4 oz. (120 ml) bottle
56D 8 oz. (240 ml) bottle
56E 16 oz. (480 ml) bottle
56F 1 U.S. Gallon (3.78 L) bottle



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