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Fungus Eliminator, Treats serious Fungus and Bacteria - fish care products

Fungus Eliminator
Treats Serious Fungus and Bacteria
An effective anti-protozoan, antibacterial treatment that is highly effective against a wide variety of diseases including fungus, grey slime, dropsy open sores, bloody spots and streaks, fin and tail rot, cloudy eyes and swim bladder disease.

Prod No Size Treatment Contents Treats
Fungus Eliminator, Crystal
NJ117 2.5 oz (70 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 75 US gal (280 L)
NJ119 20 oz (567 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 600 US gal (2300 L)
NJ121 9 lb (4082 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 4,320 US gal (16300 L)


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