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Parasite Guard, Helps Clear External Parasites - fish care products

Parasite Guard
Helps Clear External Parasites
A safe, effective treatment for the common external parasites that live on the skin, fins, gills and mouth cavity of fish including anchor worms, fish lice, gill and body flukes, and gill mites. Harmless to fish, plants and biological filter beds.

Prod No Size Treatment Contents Treats
Parasite Guard, Crystal
NJ111 2.5 oz (70 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 75 US gal (280 L)
NJ113 20 oz (567 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 600 US gal (2300 L)
NJ115 9 lb (4082 g) 1 tsp/5 US gal (5g/20 L) 4,320 US gal (16300 L)

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