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Setting up an Paludarium

The Fire belly tank



          With the knowledge tat the fire bellies produce a mucus that is poisonous to other frogs, I was left with a decision. Keep only the fire bellies or return them to the store. I really wanted other frogs so I knew they would have to be removed. The problem is I really like the frogs. Up to my attic where I keep all my old equipment and sure enough I have enough to set them up with their own tank. It is a ten gallon with a locking lid. I also had plenty of old gravel , driftwood, a fluorescent hood as well as plastic plants. Down came the material and after a washing the frogs new home was up in less than an hour. These pictures show the tank and frogs less than a day after. I will be changing the water later and have to fully change it every other day. It ids located in my bedroom and for a set up made on the fly I really like it.








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