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Julii Caesar
Corydoras julii, or Leopard Corycat. He's a lot happier since we got him a couple of buddies... the little gangster :)
Endlers_BEBN_RS.JPG Endlers_BEBN_RS.JPG 2008-09-29_22-47-08_0013a.jpg Image886~0.jpg
konstargirl  [Sep 20, 2009 at 03:39 PM]
AWW!! I have 3 of these in my 10 gallon At firsy I got one unitl I found out that corys are school fish and now she's doing well with 2 more companions of the same species. I believe cory's need to be schools with at 3 or more. More than three is morel ike it, but anyway. This cutey looks happy. ^_^