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cryptoheros septemfasciatus202 views
Marble Angel330 views
Zeek496 viewsHe's completely blind now, and not even 6 years old. It amazes me how well he does. Sometimes we forget. He's my BOY :)1 comments
Rottweiler pup.jpg
Rottweiler puppy, female220 views
ROFLCopters....98 views
Mel5 (crowntail betta)172 views
Community Tank 4ft No. 2224 viewsContains:
3 silver dollars
1 red tailed black shark
2 tiger barbs
3 clown loaches
1 female bristlenose
1 flying fox
native moss145 views

Last additions
Siamese algae eater1250 viewsApr 06, 2012
Female Green Terror Cichlid1359 viewsApr 06, 2012
Sailfin pleco and L1421174 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1831 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bichir and Clown loach1750 viewsApr 06, 2012
Black skirt tetra's1585 viewsApr 06, 2012
211gal planted community tank1711 viewsApr 06, 2012
Bronze Cory's1476 viewsApr 06, 2012