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Endler's Livebearers274 viewsYep, I got a TON ;)
05_06_23 Endlers.JPG
Endler's, Red Trumpet and Red Ramshorn293 views3 of the 5 species in this tank. Also have Cherry Shrimp and Amano Shrimp :)
Red Wag Platy265 viewsShe keeps my Apisto Tank peaceful :)
Apisto Cacatuoides Juvie326 viewsOne of the 4
05_10_23 BNs 1 CRS.JPG
Bushynose Plecs429 viewsFemale Albino, Male Regular1 comments
05_10_23 BNs CRS.JPG
Bushynose Plecos343 viewsFemale Albino, Male Regular
05_11_15 Albino Cories.JPG
Conga Line ;-)520 viewsAlbino Cories2 comments
05_11_11 A Cacatoides CRS.JPG
Apisto cacatuoides284 viewsMale & Female
05_11_11 A Cacatoide M CRS.JPG
Peekaboo230 viewsMale
05_11_11 A Cacatoide Fs CRS.JPG
Back off my MAN !!270 viewsApisto Females
05_11_11 A Cacatoide F 1 CRS.JPG
Good, She's Gone271 viewsFemale
05_11_11 A Cacatoide M 1 RS.JPG
Born in July, Pic taken November 11th302 viewsMale Apisto Cacatuoides
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