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05_06_26 M Ram 1.JPG
Male German Blue Ram468 viewsMicrogeophagus Ramirezi
05_07_06 M Apisto 2red C.JPG
Male Double Red Apisto Cacatuoides331 views
05_07_06 M Apisto 2red 1 C.JPG
Male Double Red Apisto Cacatuoides352 views
05_06_13 M Apisto Cactuoides CRS.JPG
Male Apistogramma cacatuoides548 views
05_12_03 M Apisto Caca CRS.JPG
M Apisto Cacatuoides265 views
06_01_31 M A Cacatuoides RS.JPG
M Apisto330 viewsBorn July, 2005
Pic January, 2006
Look at all the BABIES542 viewsHerotilapia Multispinosa Pair with Spawn
Longfin BN w/Albino Gene500 viewsHe seems to really like the new corner tank. He's always out toolin' around and suckin' on the glass front :)
LFBN w/A gene219 views :) That means Long-Fin Bristlenose carrying the Albino Gene :)
05_05_20 Kuhlis C.JPG
Kuhlis890 viewsThese little guys are too much fun :) They are always playing in the grass, and I don't know if you can tell, but they are right up next to the glass. Very nice of them :)
It's a PILE UP :):)478 viewsEd's Algea Wafers bring out the GREEDY in these guys :):)
06_03_25 Horseface.JPG
Horseface Loach455 views1 comments
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