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06_02_13 Baby ABN 1.JPG
06_02_14 ABNs.JPG
Albino Bristlenose Plecs329 viewsThe big female I've had since she was smaller then that baby, about 3 years now.
Baby was just purchased, 3 of them. Hoping for a Male :)

and Yes, she is definately a BN. At 3 years, a regular Pleco would be MUCH bigger then 3" ;)
06_02_02 Guppys.JPG
06_02_02 Jr.JPG
469 views1 comments
06_01_31 M A Cacatuoides RS.JPG
M Apisto330 viewsBorn July, 2005
Pic January, 2006
06_02_02 Cories RS.JPG
Already friends320 views
06_02_02 Otto RS.JPG
Otto241 viewsJust got a new buddy....or is THAT the buddy?? :):)
06_02_02 PandaCory RS.JPG
Panda Cory w/ Brig Snails286 views
06_02_02 Cories 1 RS.JPG
FAT Cories319 views1 comments
06_01_31 Shrimp RS.JPG
Amano Shrimp240 views
05_12_09 F Apisto Caca wEggs CRS.JPG
F Apisto Cacatuoides w/Eggs301 viewsSecond time they've spawned out in the open
05_12_03 M Apisto Caca CRS.JPG
M Apisto Cacatuoides265 views
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