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blood parrot1226 viewsa sucker for blood worms :)5 comments
unknown fish249 viewsi think this guy is a red pencilfish or rutherfords pencilfish ... one of the three stoleaways who were purchased by mistake along wid rummy nose tetras. but glad to hav these lil guys
clown loach657 viewspoor guy had an attack of white spots ... now recovering slowly and i dunno why but hes always so jumpy and scared !2 comments
ghost in the ghost ship297 viewsoh this is domnic the black ghost knife fish who resides in the sunken ship in my tank. he's my favourite lil guy :)
rainbows305 viewsred irian rainbows residing with blood parrots ... had to shift them from my tetra tank cos they would be highly territorial and bite the heads of neon tetras stunning them and slowly killing them. lost bout five neons by the time i knew wat was happening ...
african freshwater butterfly fish264 viewssurface dwelling beauties !
marble baloon sailfin molly291 viewscurious ....
dwarf honey or flame gourami262 views
corydoras264 views
red leopard discus257 views
clown loach250 viewsjust settling down for a nap
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