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Loachi Minh138 viewsPangio kuhlii. One of 4. (The other 3 being named Archie Loach, Loachford and Rob Loach. We have issues.)
Fugly131 viewsBristlenose pleco. Good fun.
Another kuhli loach, poking his little head out from his hideyhole.174 views
Black Widow or Black Skirt Tetra163 views
Apple Snail175 viewsOne of 4 throughout our 4 tanks. Not technically a fish but hey - it's a cool photo :)
Flame Dwarf Gourami176 viewsOne of two. Neil Finn or Tim Finn. I can't tell them apart any more.
Julii Caesar332 viewsCorydoras julii, or Leopard Corycat. He's a lot happier since we got him a couple of buddies... the little gangster :)1 comments
Red Phantom Tetra. One of the rare shots where he's almost sitting still.153 views
Bumblebee Goby.292 viewsTechnically a brackish water fish but they seem to be doing just fine in our community tank.1 comments
Baby Blue174 viewsBlue Coral Dwarf Gourami.
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