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Last comments - Shari's Fish
06_02_13 Redeye.JPG
362 views1 comments02/13/07 at 00:45Rob1619: Nice pic of one of my fav fish
05_06_13 Gold Dojo Drape CRS.JPG
Gold Dojo1106 viewsWhat A Life...1 comments12/12/06 at 04:31Rob1619: Very nice indeed ..nice healthy plants you got...
05_10_23 BNs 1 CRS.JPG
Bushynose Plecs484 viewsFemale Albino, Male Regular1 comments12/11/06 at 19:15fishbuddy: the dark one looks just like my bristlenose!
German Blue Ram Pair1702 views5 comments05/26/06 at 23:35DebraAnn: My rams will not stay in one place long enough for...
Otto on Ludwigia501 views1 comments05/04/06 at 17:10Kim: reminds me of an aquatic hummingbird. nice!
05_06_03 MysteryPlec Top RS.JPG
Clown Pleco, Panaque maccus509 viewsTop View, with Flash1 comments04/14/06 at 17:42Kelsey: What a fattie!
06_02_02 Jr.JPG
479 views1 comments04/14/06 at 17:41Kelsey: He's beautiful, I've been keeping an eye o...
06_02_14 ABNs.JPG
Albino Bristlenose Plecs337 viewsThe big female I've had since she was smaller then that baby, about 3 years now.
Baby was just purchased, 3 of them. Hoping for a Male :)

and Yes, she is definately a BN. At 3 years, a regular Pleco would be MUCH bigger then 3" ;)
1 comments04/14/06 at 17:40Kelsey: The big one kinda looks more like an albino pleco ...
55g2426 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments03/19/06 at 13:26Kim: it's wonderful Shari, I love the naturalness of it...
German Blue Ram Pair1702 views5 comments02/28/06 at 06:42KellyKat: Beautiful fish, if I had a bigger tank I would so ...
55g2426 viewsMy PRIDE & JOY :):)6 comments02/16/06 at 18:23gilrane: Beautiful tank!
06_02_02 Cories 1 RS.JPG
FAT Cories328 views1 comments02/06/06 at 15:48jumpingadpoles: Oh my! I think I need to feed mine more....
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